About Us

We want Watershed Wellness to be your home for information, inspiration and treatment as you are living your best life. From our location to the training of our practitioners to the products we offer in our herbal pharmacy and waiting room, everything has been chosen with this mission in mind.

Our Name

What do you think of when you hear the word – watershed? One of the pictures that comes to our minds is of a little corner of the Sandy River with black sand beaches, deep cold swimming holes, tangles of douglas fir, vine maple and a little poison oak. Maybe you think about the annual salmon return and watching the circle of life play out as the fish return to their natal homes.

Or, obviously, in Astoria you might naturally think about all the rivers running together and out to the sea, and the complex interactions between fish, farms, ships, sea lions and plenty of winter rain.

All of these things have something in common – they highlight interconnections between living things and every aspect of their environment. We approach health and wellness through this lens. What does that mean? It means that all of our practitioners take it as their responsibility to look at you and your health situation with a holistic framework in mind.

Your back pain may have something to do with your stress level at work, or gut inflammation from a diet that is wrong for your body, or some other feature of your environment. Your shoulder pain on one side of your body could be related to the hip pain on the other side of your body! The interconnections are important, and powerful for healing.

Our Founders

Watershed Wellness was founded in 2009 by us – Eric Grey, LAc and Amanda Barp, LMT. Partners in business and life, we worked hard to build our 2-person practice into a thriving multi-modality home for healing  in Southeast Portland, at one time supporting 10 fantastic practitioners in that space.

We are both small town kids, Amanda from Nebraska and Eric from Idaho, and while Portland has been good to us – helping us launch our practice and raise our daughter – in 2016 we knew it was time to get back to the deep connections and slower pace that small town life can bring. After some deliberation, we moved our home life to Astoria in 2016, still maintaining our clinic in Portland – a lot of driving!

It quickly became apparent that there was a need for the services we provide in the place we now call home. Responding to this, in January 2017 we opened our second location in the heart of Astoria with a gorgeous view of the majestic Columbia river. As we settled in as residents of the North Coast community, we were surprised and gratified to see how well the local community received us – growth was quick and steady. With the additions of Hilly Mefferd, DSOM, LAc, Rowan Everard, MS, LAc and Danyelle Tinker Lowder, LMT, Amanda Koennecke, LE, and the whole team of yoga and other movement practitioners we began to feel a deep sense of home in the space.

Ultimately, our desire to continue to grow and settle here at home came into conflict with the needs of running a business in Portland as well. So, in September 2019, we said goodbye to our Portland location. While that was a bittersweet parting, we haven't been able to spend too much time thinking about it, because the opportunity arose almost immediately for us to solve some long standing space issues with our Astoria space by expanding to a second location. To learn more about the Pier 1 transition, you can check out this page.

Our Mission

We believe that healthy, thriving people are the foundation of a strong, just and joyful society. It may sound lofty (and it is) but it's true – we are all passionate about helping every client be their best self – free of suffering and relaxed, ready to take on whatever life brings. Think of what a country full of stress-free, pain-free, chronic-disease free communities could do! We contribute to this vision primarily through the use of our rich education and experience in holistic frameworks of healing.

We offer acupuncture, clinically potent Chinese herbalism, therapeutic massage therapy, organic skincare including the incredible Eminence Organics skin care line, and a variety of mindful and anatomically informed yoga classes and other movement opportunities. We also try to improve the world we're in through education, both in the treatment room and through public events (like us on Facebook to be notified of upcoming opportunities), our blog and our newsletter to hear about what's coming up!

We also take our commitment to the natural world very seriously. We use 100% recycled versions of all our office products whenever available, are committed to sourcing only the most sustainable supplements and herbs, and are renewable energy supporters. We're also looking to partner with like minded organizations that work to educate the public about natural resource issues, our ecological responsibilities and the power of nature to be a source of healing in itself. Particularly in Astoria, the power and promise of the connection between human and non-human should never be far from our minds – no matter our occupation.

Finally, we are growing into our capacity to be a place where oppression, systems of power, cultural appropriation and other socio-political realities are actively investigated, questioned, confronted and contemplated. To learn more about what this means, and what it has to do with medicine and movement, please check out our growing resource page.

Our Locations

No matter where we are located, our intent is to provide high quality, compassionate holistic healthcare and excellent customer service. The best way to learn everything you need to know about our locations, read through our Location page.

  • We ceased operations in Portland in September 2019
  • Our Downtown Astoria location at 1490 Commercial St, Suite 202, Astoria, OR 97103. Our suite is on the second floor of the light grey building present at the eastern merging of Commercial and Marine, just across the road from Mo's. You may park in the lot to the West of the building!
  • Coming in December 2019, all acupuncture/herbs and massage therapy will be at our new location at 10 Pier 1, Suite 308, Astoria, OR 97103. Our suite is on the third floor of the red and blue building on Pier 1, between the marina and the logyard. You may use the parking lot around the building (watch for private spots). TO READ MORE ABOUT THE PIER 1 LOCATION, CLICK THIS LINK.