Beginning Yoga in Astoria : Is it for You?


“Oh! I want to try yoga, but I can barely touch my toes!”

Just yesterday I was talking to someone about yoga in Astoria, and what we do at Watershed Wellness. When he learned that we teach yoga and pilates classes, he was interested – and uttered the phrase above almost immediately.

yoga in astoria for everyone

Does this sound familiar? In my experience, many people don’t think that they are ready to take a yoga class because they:

  • Aren't flexible enough
  • Don't know enough to attend a class without making a fool of themselvces
  • Believe they aren't the right type of person to go to a yoga class (isn’t it weird that most folks in yoga advertisements are super fit 20-somethings?)

I told my friend that he’s exactly the kind of person who will benefit greatly from yoga practice.

Here's why:

  • He's over 50
  • He has been working a desk job for 20+ years
  • For one reason or another, he doesn’t move his body very much
  • He HURTS! He hurts from sitting, from injuries, from living life. He hurts in ways that yoga could help. But not necessarily the kind of yoga that you see on the cover of magazines, or on social media.

When you go online, or use a yoga video, you often see nothing but younger, fitter people bending themselves in impossible ways on distant mountaintops. If that’s what my friend thinks that yoga has to look like, I understand why he's not coming to yoga classes!

The truth is he needs the kind of yoga that may not look like much from the outside.

  • His kind of yoga is going to look simple, but will be deceptively hard. Re-patterning and reeducating the body can look subtle, but feel earth-shaking. The strides that he will make are few and far between, but the long arc of the way that he moves his body will change. The results will be more energy & less pain.
  • He hurts in a way that touching your toes isn’t going to help. Back bends, hand balancing and even downward dog are poses that must be worked towards – not assumed. His pain is going to get better with slow, conscious movement.

In other words – the pretzel twist poses aren't the only thing to yoga, and may not be best for everyone.

Simply by bringing awareness to postural habits, learning how to make simple movements with intention, and loosening up gently, you can find freedom and strength in your body!

watershed wellness yoga in astoria cat pose
Cat Pose
watershed yoga in astoria cow pose
Cow Pose


This is why we teach beginners yoga classes at Watershed Wellness. This class is great for those who think that they “should” be doing yoga in Astoria, but are not quite sure how to get started.

Maybe you're not 20 years old anymore! Maybe you're one of the many 20 year olds who is “just not flexible!” You want to enter a relationship with yoga that is focused on help you gently, safely and permanently relax and unwind your body. By learning things step by step, you will build foundations that may get you into those pretzel poses one day – you never know!

We all start somewhere, and the Yoga Beginners classes at Watershed Wellness Astoria starts… at the beginning!

In our Level 1 coursess, you'll learn:

  • How to sit comfortably
  • Basic yoga poses that focus on bringing awareness to, opening and creating more mobility in your body
  • How your breathing can affect your whole body
  • How to be more comfortable in your own body
  • How to prepare for more advanced postures, if that's where you are interested in taking your practice
  • A great way to consistently check in with your body through gentle movements
  • How to make the most out of opportunities to do yoga in Astoria, including at home

If you've ever thought or said, “I want to try yoga!” we hope that you'll give it a go and sign up for your first class in yoga in Astoria

If you are feeling nervous about your first yoga class, this article might be helpful. If you would like to see the full yoga and pilates schedule – you can do so online. And, as always, we love your questions! Just head over to our contact page – or call (503) 974-0914 to let us know how we can help.

Written by Amanda Barp

Amanda Barp is co-founder of Watershed Wellness, a licensed massage therapist with 10+ years experience, a registered yoga teacher with a passion for learning and teaching about the human body & how to feel at home in it.