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WW Coronavirus Closure – UPDATED 5/19/20

  To our Watershed Wellness community, It is with profound regret that we have made the decision to temporary close all Watershed Wellness clinics to in-person appointments effective Tuesday, March […]

The Lung organ network & resonance with the breath of autumn

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As an accompaniment to the movement studio’s focus on the breath this month, we’ll be offering articles looking at the themes surrounding the breath and the lungs through the lenses […]

October Focus: Exploring Breath and Pranayama

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Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life? Mary Oliver Inhale. Exhale. These actions are instructed many times during a yoga class. Inhale your arms up […]

October Focus: Finding Balance in Practice and Life

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  With the return of Fall and the recent Autumnal Equinox, the change of the seasons and the harvest time invite us to think about what is and is not working […]

September Shoulder Love

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  At the beginning of a yoga class, sometimes I’ll posit the question: Anyone have anything that they want to work on today? Invariably someone will say: SHOULDERS! What I […]

3 Vitals for Beautiful Skin, Part 3 – Probiotics

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In this final installment of the 3 Vitals for Beautiful Skin, we’re going to explore a topic that I’m asked about often. We’ve already covered the vitals of Antioxidants and […]

Portland Practitioner Spotlight : World Class Esthetics & Office Wizardry from Amanda Koennecke, LE

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Welcome to the second installment of our practitioner spotlight series (you can view #1 with Rowan Everard, here). Today, we shift our focus to a person who not only provides […]