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Bramacharya: Exploring non-excess

  Instructions for living a life: Pay attention, be astonished, tell others about it. – Mary Oliver Our philosophical focus for May is Bramacharya, or non-excess. This is the fourth […]

Free yoga for all furloughed federal workers at the Watershed Wellness movement studio

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UPDATE: While it seems the shutdown is over for now, we all know the impacts of stress go far beyond the ending of any given stressful event. So we are […]

Autoimmune Disease and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

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  Being told you have an autoimmune disease is a uniquely frightening experience. After dealing with mysterious, painful, and debilitating symptoms, someone has told you the cause of your illness […]

WWA Yoga Focus January: Finding Compassion through Practice

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Welcome to the new year! Like millions of other Americans, you’ve probably been thinking about changes you would like to make in your life in the new year. This time […]

December Yoga Focus: Find your core

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  Happy December! Welcome to the darkest time of the year if you’re with us in the Northern Hemisphere. December brings with it many celebrations, opportunities for light within the […]

The Lung organ network & resonance with the breath of autumn

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As an accompaniment to the movement studio’s focus on the breath this month, we’ll be offering articles looking at the themes surrounding the breath and the lungs through the lenses […]

November Focus: Exploring Breath and Pranayama

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Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life? Mary Oliver Inhale. Exhale. These actions are instructed many times during a yoga class. Inhale your arms up […]