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Our new location in Astoria – at Pier 1

The rumors are true! We are adding a location to better serve the North Coast and Southwest Washington. Within six months of our opening in January 2017, it was apparent […]

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Asteya: non-stealing in life and yoga

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  Asteya, or non-stealing, is the 3rd yama (moral discipline). We’ll be exploring different aspects of asteya at the Watershed Wellness yoga studio during the month of April. If you […]

Astoria skin care pop-up at Watershed Wellness on April 6

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  Happy four years of skin care at Watershed Wellness to me! March 2019 marks four years of holistic skin care services at Watershed Wellness PDX.  Over my career, though, […]

WW Podcast 16 – Amanda Koennecke lays out the foundations of her unique approach to skin care

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The Watershed Wellness podcast is back in action. When we went on hiatus in the summer of 2018, we did so after two fun interviews with Amanda Koennecke, and she’s […]

Satya, finding freedom in truth

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All nature loves an honest person. ~The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Satya, truthfulness, is the second of the five yamas outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Following ahimsa (non-violence) in the […]

Ahimsa: practicing non-violence through love

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Love is an action, never simply a feeling. -bell hooks Greetings! As we move out of what was a very hard January for many people in Astoria, we want to celebrate […]

Free yoga for all furloughed federal workers at the Watershed Wellness movement studio

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UPDATE: While it seems the shutdown is over for now, we all know the impacts of stress go far beyond the ending of any given stressful event. So we are […]