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Essential skincare touchstones for when things are falling apart

We’ve made it to September of 2020 This part of the year is typically what people refer to as the “home stretch”–we’re right on the cusp of the holiday season. […]

Should you come to your acupuncture appointment when you’ve got a cold?

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  Occasionally a patient won’t be able to come to an appointment for one reason or another, because life is complicated. However, there is one kind of cancellation that I […]

Treating the common cold with Chinese herbal medicine, or on when not to reach for Yinqiao san

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  My Chinese herbal lineage focuses on deep understanding of the most venerated text of Chinese herbal medicine, the Shanghan za bing lun. The first, and most well known, part of […]

Looking at the effects of testosterone through the lens of classical Chinese medicine

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Hormone supplementation can be a very helpful tool for some transgender people to live full and authentic lives. There is also a great deal of fear-mongering about the side effects […]

Nervous about your first yoga class Astoria?

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  Believe us – we understand that entering into a yoga studio as a student for the first time can be overwhelming! Far from feeling relaxed and de-stressed, you might […]

New to Massage at Watershed Wellness in Astoria?

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Looking for a massage therapist in Astoria, OR? Finding the right massage therapist can be a frustrating process. There are only so many to go around! Maybe you used to […]

5 principles that ensure an excellent acupuncture treatment at Watershed Wellness

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Acupuncture treatment is one of the foundations of the clinical work we do at Watershed Wellness This form of medicine treats a huge variety of conditions, is safe and effective, and […]