About our new location on Pier 1 in Astoria

In December 2019, we added a second location in Uniontown on Pier 1 – in the Port of Astoria building. This location contains our Acupuncture, Chinese Herb & Massage Therapy departments and is located on the third floor of the large blue and red building that rests just west of the marina in the West Mooring Basin.

Address and Directions

The official address of the building is 10 Pier One, Suite #308, Astoria, OR 97103. That's a great mailing address. Unfortunately, due to the location (technically in the river) GPS/Google Maps/Apple Maps doesn't like us very much. 

The best thing to do is to search for Watershed Wellness in your mapping program and find the Pier 1 location (NOT THE COMMERCIAL STREET LOCATION, unless that's what you intend). That will take you there in Apple and Google Maps.

The simplest way is to turn onto Portway Street (where the Portway Tavern is located) towards the river – which is your only choice. It will be a left turn if you're coming from Warrenton, and a right turn if you're coming from Astoria/Megler Bridge. Keep driving down Portway street over the trolley tracks, passing the Riverwalk Inn on your right and Bornstein Foods to your left and drive even beyond the fences that are a little forbidding. You'll see a large blue and red building to your right.

Parking and Access

Parking is readily available – take any spot not obviously reserved for others. Enter in the double doors near the Northwest side of the building. There is an elevator and set of stairs. We are on the third floor in Suite #308.

Thank you for joining us at this beautiful new location! Our esthetics and yoga departments are still housed at the downtown location at 1490 Commercial St!

If you'd like to read a bit more about the new location, please read this blog post about it.

And you may also be interested to read a recent Daily Astorian article about the move.