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Eric Grey, MS, LAc

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I have an intense passion to dig deeply into the traditions of Chinese medicine to find effective, truly holistic solutions for common health problems. […]

Amanda Barp, LMT

I started thinking about massage therapy as a career in 2002. I was a recent transplant to Oregon and taking a year off of school to gain residency in Oregon. […]

Amanda Koennecke, LE

No frills. No fuss. No fancy spa culture. As an esthetician of 13 years, I’ve curated an esthetics practice that focuses less on pampering spa treatments and beautification, and more […]

Danyelle Tinker Lowder, LMT

  When I started my massage journey in 2010, I had no idea of the incredible places it would take me. I was looking for a career that would allow […]

Hilly Shue, DSOM, LAc

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a profound science of wellbeing based upon observing the seasons and cycles of nature in order to bring harmony to the human body. I believe that Chinese Medicine can help anyone, whether it be the first nudge in your healing journey, or perhaps finding relief from years of ‘incurable’ health issues due to energetic and physical imbalances.

Todd Garrity, MS, LAc

Todd Garrity, L.Ac I know what constant pain and the frustration of not being able to do the things that bring you joy because of it is like. I know […]

Alex Adams, LMT

It is my goal as a massage therapist to attend to your concerns and focus on areas of pain and tension while also providing a healthy dose of relaxation. I […]

Support Staff

Meet the folks who make things work at Watershed Wellness. Holly Greenslade I work remotely in my home from Carey, Idaho. Carey is small, rural town about 30 minutes from […]