Yoga Instructors


Yoga Instructors

Amanda Barp, Watershed Wellness owner and Yoga Teacher

Amanda Barp, LMT, RYT

I began my yoga practice 18 years ago when I moved from the Midwest to Oregon as a transfer student. I was delighted to find that I could take a class through the university, and was lucky to have such a great experience with yoga from the beginning. This instilled in me the importance of first interactions with this practice. Fostering an environment of acceptance, understanding and non-judgment is very important to me, both in the yoga studio and in my own work as a massage therapist.

I completed the 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Bhaktishop in 2015. I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful mentors who are willing to work with me as I begin this journey of teaching, most notably my teachers at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center: Lisa Mae, Monicka, Kate and Tasha.

I continue to be amazed by the human body and how our daily movement and habits can affect how we move through our lives. Asana provides an excellent outlet for understanding ourselves more deeply, while providing a space in which we can strive to make sense of ourselves and our place in relation to each other and the world.

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Jamie Savva, Yoga

Jamie Sava, Yoga Instructor

I'm new to the west coast! My family, husband and two daughters, excitedly travel the country due to my husband's career in the Coast Guard. We all love discovering new places and have quickly fallen in love with Astoria and the community it holds. I received my 200-hour teaching certification in power yoga in 2015. Shortly after, I completed multiple 30-hour trainings in Advanced Teaching, Art of Assisting, and Yin Yoga, as well as specialized workshops in Trauma, Creative Sequencing, Arm Balancing, True North Alignment, Inversions, and AcroYoga.

I am always reading, exploring, and discovering more about yoga and the human body. As a former dancer, I fell in love with the elements of physicality, intention, and community that yoga brings into my life, and I'm always working to share that in my classes. Above all else, I truly believes that yoga is for everyBODY and that inclusion and celebration are the key building a powerful community of yogis.

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Jennie Passero, Yoga

Jennie Passero, Yoga Instructor

I most identify as an adventurer-explorer, and I love collecting experiences. I feel like the world is mine, and I am hers. I consider myself a creative being, as we all are, and I have been writing for almost 30 years. It is how I creatively express myself. When I discovered yoga, it became a way for my body to creatively express itself.

I started practicing yoga because of my love for running. I was looking for a cross training activity that would enhance my running, but yoga surprised me. It turned into a “place” for my body, mind, and soul to align and reset. I discovered and developed a personal relationship with my practice. It allowed me to access parts of myself that had shied away, and it continues to help me stand in my authentic self. Something that started off as a necessity for my running turned into a necessity for my well-being.

I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Seaside Kelowna Collective. I want to share the well-being, the peace, and the passion that yoga has brought into my life. I want to help others develop or deepen their own personal relationship with yoga.

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Hilly Shue, Prenatal yoga, Qigong

Hilly Shue, Yoga and Qigong Instructor

I have always found joy in moving my body and sharing this passion with others! I spent most of my childhood playing soccer, hiking, surfing and snowboarding.

I began my yoga journey while living in Australia and searching for conscious movement and community. As a former collegiate soccer athlete I could not believe how much core strength, balance and flexibility were gained upon one’s yoga mat. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Julia McCabe in 2010 while living at and managing an EcoLodge in Nicaragua.

Since this time I have discovered a deep curiosity for the intersection between our physical body and spiritual being. This exploration continued while studying Chinese medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine, as we had the great opportunity to be initiated into a powerful qigong lineage from China. My teachers shared with us the ancient wisdom of a healing movement form that has been passed down from generation to generation. A basic qigong practice has plentiful benefits, including increased energy and greater freedom in one's body.

I believe we all need to practice the art of deeply listening to and honoring our body. Within this practice arises an ability to modify our movements and breath to our specific needs within each moment. It would be an honor to share time with you, as we find stillness and harmony within our joyous movement together.

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Melissa Henige, Yoga

Melissa Henige, Yoga Instructor

What I've been learning and experiencing these past two decades, is that we live in a very go-go, get it done society; and thoughthat certainly is useful, most of us are unbalanced, stressing our most fragile systems. I certainly was, as I would keep pushing myself to do more, increasing responsibility while forfeiting my health, and getting burned out from stress. At a certain point, I deeply desired change, connection and peace. As a seeker at understanding our beautiful LIFE more, I went on an intentional, incredible journey around the world getting teachings from incredible guides and integrating mind/body/heart/soul practices that have nourished, grounded, and connected me.

As part of that unfolding, I received my yoga teacher certification in Traditional Tantra Yoga(200hrs) at Sri Kali Ashram in Goa, India in 2013, and have been teaching the Tri-Dosha Series ever since, along with sacred women’s gatherings, practical mindfulness, and healthy sexuality and love workshops.

I fell in love with the Tri-Dosha practice after my first class, because the teacher guided me not to push, and I found that I could relax in tension(postures), while getting into a deeper state. This was life changing for me as I could then work with these embodied truths off the mat, as well as relate to stress in my body in a healthier way. I’m so grateful to be able to integrate yoga with the daily activities of life, and am excited to continue to share this practice with Astoria.

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Adrian Eberstein, Yoga

Adrian Eberstein, Yoga Instructor

Yoga brings so much awareness, strength and happiness into my life. When I began this path 13 years ago, I was transformed. While pursuing the beginning threads of a college education, I also found myself in the yoga studio for the first time as a serious student. Overwhelmed with awe and curiosity by the human body and the philosophical roots of the practice, I was home. My ‘twenty-something’ perspective was shifted, I started to see my body, and myself, differently. Each and every time I return to the mat, I am right t(here), present in my current state and with deep compassion for this body and all it does for me on a daily basis.

In 2012 I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Centered Yoga in Thailand. Currently, I am working toward my 500-hour training in yoga and Ayurveda with Susan Bass at the Sarasvati Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy. My studies and teachings interweave these sister sciences, sharing how we are deeply rooted in the balance and rhythms of nature. Yoga asana has taught me to move with intelligence and respect, tuning into the mind-body connection through movement and breath. I am honored to offer an inclusive space for us to practice with awareness while continuing to learn and grow together.

Jackie Spencer, Yoga

Jackie Spencer, Yoga Instructor

In 2009, yoga made it's way into my life before I knew how much I needed it. Without any thought into how it may impact my life,I signed up for a class through my college. Little did I know a new passion would be ignited as my instructor introduced me to an intentional asana practice focusing on the here and now and not pushing toward any specific end result. She also incorporated the yogic philosophy into each practice without judgement. I'd been taking classes on and off since when I fell in love with an amazing group of instructors in the tiny town of Wilmington, Delaware. Three of the instructors were guys who traveled once a month from their own studio in NYC. They would teach a workshop and run a teacher training, which is where I ended up earning my 200-hour certificate in 2017.

The following year my fiance and I adventured across this beautiful country to make a new home here in Astoria. We immediately fell in love with the gorgeous scenery and beautiful people. Not only is there a vast array of outdoor adventures to be had here but there is also this wonderful all encompassing wellness community I am so grateful to have stumbled upon.
Yoga has brought me strength of mind and body, acceptance of myself and others, and the most loving community I could ask for. In return I always seek to cultivate that same safe space in my classes so that every student can come as they are, and be comfortable and confident in their own practice.

Substitute Yoga Instructors

Elizabeth Kotaich, Yoga

Elizabeth Kotaich, Yoga Instructor

For me, yoga was the key that unlocked a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the human experience. It has taught me the value of perpetual studentship and encouraged me to explore with genuine curiosity what lies beyond the edges that we so often believe define us. My teachers come in many forms—poetry, literature, the earth and all her gifts, the openheartedness of imperfect people, life.

I completed my 200 hour training at Yoga Union in Portland. I moved from Newport to the north coast in 2018 and started the process of cultivating a yoga community again, and it's with a heart full of gratitude that I've landed at Watershed Wellness. Yoga is a place for all bodies, all beings, to learn and grow together—a place to be at home with ourselves. What a privilege to be here, doing this work together.

Kaisa Schlarb, Yoga

Kaisa Schlarb, Yoga Instructor

I am an instructor of Hatha Yoga. My passion for yoga was born of a quest to feel at home in my body and to create a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual health. Teaching is an opportunity for me to share my personal practice, which is based in exploring grounding-focused poses, breath work, and connection to our energy centers.

I was trained by the Hatha Yoga Center in both Seattle and Bali, and formerly I worked bringing yoga and mindfulness to youth in the mental health field.




Julie Adams, Yoga

Julie Adams, Yoga Instructor

I came to yoga 15 years ago to discover a new relationship with my body….what i got was a new relationship much more. I love the feeling of connection. I love working with others and helping them connect to their inner power, voice, and vision. I received my yoga training in Portland, OR and Hawaii from Tiffany Cruikshank with a specialty in Power Vinyasa in 2011. 

I teach Power Vinyasa, but don’t let the word “power” fool you…I teach to all levels and it’s my goal to meet you where you are, no matter the starting point, and walk with you to the next layer. I’ve been fortunate to work with many people over the years in my life work of photography, music, and teaching surf lessons. Its exciting to me to live a life of love, passion, inspiration, challenge and joy, and to be a catalyst to help others tap into their power within. I believe that through finding a balance of flexibility and strength in our bodies, hearts, and minds, we live more fully, and I’m here to practice with you in your journey.


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