Trigger point massage


Trigger point massage is a general term that describes the release of “trigger points” using a variety of techniques. A trigger point is a very tender spot in a muscle that often causes referred pain and tension to another part of the body that is not obviously connected to the tender spot (for instance a trigger point in the neck may refer far down the back).

Depending on training, a massage therapist may address the trigger point in a variety of ways. As the trigger points are “released,” pain in the local area should reduce, as should pain in the area to which the trigger point refers. The pressure used in trigger point therapies may be deceptively light, and still have great therapeutic effects. Sometimes trigger point release can come with some increased sensation during the session, and your massage therapist will always want to hear if the sensation is too uncomfortable!

Many chronic pain mysteries have been unraveled by the finding and treatment of trigger points – it is well worth seeking out a trained massage therapist to find out if this method can help you.

Written by wwastoria