Supporting Watershed Wellness

As most of you are aware, like many businesses, Watershed Wellness closed on March 16, 2020 to combat the spread of coronavirus / COVID-19. The closure is currently through June 1.

This meant an immediate layoff of our entire team and a total elimination of revenue for our small family business. It's hard to even know what to say about this. It is not something we were prepared for in any way. In fact, we were less prepared than typical as we took a risk to expand in December 2020 in order to better serve the community at our new Pier 1 location. Things were really starting to flow – we were settling in well to the new space and had recently hired a new acupuncturist and a new massage therapist. It was all working out!

Then, the world got hit with the coronavirus crisis, and now everything has to change.

Amid that change, as we all grapple to understand what it is is happening and what we will do about it, vendors and landlords must still be paid. To some extent, until something dramatic happens nationally, life must simply carry on. So, Amanda and I have been busy working on ways that we can generate income despite the restrictions so we can keep our little ship afloat until the storm is behind us – or at least easier for us to navigate.

Below, find options you have to continue to access some of our services or contribute to WW's survival through this crisis.

It's hard for us to ask for help, even when we need it, but we do need help. Badly. If you are lucky enough not to be financially threatened by the coronavirus situation, any assistance you could provide would be more appreciated than you can know. These funds will be used, first and foremost, to satisfy our obligations to our vendors and landlords so we can continue operations beyond the crisis. Additional funds will be used to pay our couple of employees still spending time trying to keep it all working.

Thank you, community, for keeping us close to your hearts. Please be safe, practice extreme social distancing and scrupulous personal hygiene, and take care of each other. <3

– Eric & Amanda, Co-owners




Eric is offering video herbal consultations & herbal delivery

To continue treatment plans, take care of any common concerns that arise during the closure, or to directly treat the symptoms of COVID-19, Eric is offering video consultations to existing patients. This includes Portland, Corvallis and Astoria patients he has seen over the years. Depending on the progression of the epidemic, he may make the decision to see new patients this way, though this is not preferred due to the lack of pulse information he would have on file. The appointments are sliding scale with a lowest range of $30 and last 15-30 minutes, resulting in an herbal prescription. Those prescriptions will be delivered by mail or, for Astoria proper, be dropped off on your porch.

To read more, please see this page about the video consultation option.


You can purchase a gift certificate for any of our services, usable when we get going again

Whether for yourself, or someone else, purchasing a gift certificate is a great option. No matter what comes, Watershed Wellness will be seeing patients in the future. There is obviously considerable uncertainty about exactly how everything will unfold, but this business is our baby and we've nurtured it through one recession – what's another?

Buy Gift Certificates

You can also simply make a donation

One final, and much appreciated, option is simply to make a donation to us to help us make it through. Obviously, this isn't possible for most of us! But it is very much appreciated. We are not a 501c non-profit, so donations would not be tax deductible, unfortunately. Expect undying gratitude and some symbol of our affection to reach you at the perfect moment if you choose to donate today. 🙂