Why did we create a Watershed Wellness yoga studio in Astoria?

Watershed Wellness has been a center for high quality natural medicine in Oregon since 2009. For many years, we had no overt movement practices integrated into our clinic – it wasn't our focus or expertise. However, Amanda Barp has been a practitioner of yoga for many years. To deepen this practice, she decided to undergo rigorous yoga teacher training in Portland – which opened her eyes to the fun & power of teaching yoga. So, it was natural to include a yoga studio in Astoria when we opened our second clinic.

But it's not simply interest and opportunity that led us to open a yoga studio in Astoria

In our clinical practice, we so often see that massage and acupuncture patients need to gain strength, flexibility and relearn patterns of movement so they can heal more quickly and avoid future injury. This preventative focus is very important to us at Watershed Wellness. Yes, we can help you once you’ve already been injured – but what’s even better is to avoid the problem in the first place. Yoga can be a tremendous boon in this regard.

While there are excellent options for yoga in Astoria, we felt that we could offer something new to complement what people are already doing well here.

Our focus is to help all kinds of people ease their way into a healthy, long lived yoga practice. Yoga is individual – there's no one way to be a person doing yoga. The most important thing is that you practice in a way that honors your anatomy, your history, and your goals for your body in the future.

Too often eager new yoga students charge into positions that aren't right for them – get injured – and end up abandoning yoga altogether to avoid future injury. This is a shame, since careful, intentful and physiologically customized yoga can relieve pain and prevent injury – the opposite shouldn't be the case.

Some people don't get there at all – instead they avoid yoga altogether thinking it is too difficult, embarrassing or woo-woo for them. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is a time tested, physiologically helpful way of maintaining healthy flexibility and strength through your entire lifespan. There are levels of yoga, and approaches to yoga, for everyone.

At Watershed Wellness, Amanda combines many years of experience studying anatomy and physiology as a massage therapist, with her excellent yoga teacher training from the Bhaktishop in Portland, OR, to create yoga classes that are just the right combination of challenge, relaxation, quiet & fun. She adapts to what each class needs, and includes information about yoga philosophy & her own lessons in practice as appropriate.

You'll find a complete class that is just right for you at Watershed Wellness' yoga studio in Astoria. And you really cannot beat the view looking out over the mighty Columbia River.

To encourage you to come try out our yoga classes we're offering an ongoing intro special

Try all our classes with the intro special – 2 weeks of unlimited classes for only $20. This will allow you to experience all the teachers' unique styles as well as experimenting with different days and times to ensure that your yoga practice gets off on the right foot.
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