Eric Grey, MS, LAc

eric grey practitioner astoria oregonAs a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I have an intense passion to dig deeply into the traditions of Chinese medicine to find effective, truly holistic solutions for common health problems. I let my passion for traditional knowledge guide me in the pursuit of my passion to see people happy, healthy, and thriving.

I also see it as part of my job to discuss with you what’s going on in your life.

Truly holistic medicine embraces all features of a person. I’m not a counselor, of course, and I certainly don’t pry where I’m not wanted. However, often during the therapeutic relationship, issues of life, vision, hope, personal organization and occupation come up. I’m there for you as a non-judgmental ear, ready to connect you with resources, brainstorm strategies, or simply listen. While this is a rarely discussed part of Chinese medicine, I believe it is an important one.

I have skill and interest in helping people resolve the kinds of chronic, debilitating conditions that they cannot seem to find help for anywhere.

Digestive problem that just won’t go away? Menstrual problems that make every month a living hell? Auto-immune condition with no solid diagnosis? Endless series of colds, flus and allergy attacks that leave you winded and feeling broken? I have experience with helping people in these situations and many more to find lasting health and a better orientation towards their bodies and the healing process using Chinese herbs.

In Chinese herbalism, I follow a methodology that sticks as close to the Han and pre-Han dynasty classical texts of Chinese medicine as possible. These texts articulated a method for treating human disease that is timeless. While the environments we live in have changed quite a bit since 200BCE, the human body continues to manifest reactions in similar ways as it always has – further – the treatment philosophies laid down by the ancient Chinese simply WORK, no matter the time and place. I continue to study for hundreds of hours every year, mostly through the Institute of Classics of East Asian Medicine and

While I am winding down the acupuncture portion of my practice to focus on herbs, I still use acu-moxa theory in my treatment. I am currently implementing a structure to help patients engage in a robust home practice that includes the stimulation of acupuncture points and channels with plenty of instruction from me. I also help people find dietary and movement practices that assist their treatment without making them have to give up everything they love most about life.

Something a little personal?

I live in Astoria, in Uniontown, and have since 2016 with my wife, Amanda Barp. We came from Portland, where we lived for 10 years, and I've been in Oregon since 1995, when I moved from Idaho. I have a daughter who is in her twenties and studying conventional medicine with designs on being a surgeon. We hope to figure out some ways to work together in the future!

I also love Philosophy, history, the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, hiking and walking (you'll see me walking all over town) and all kinds of music. I'm a true animal lover and we currently have two cats in our house (one never talks about “owning cats.”) If you like, you can see the world through my eyes on my personal Instagram account.


Education & Training

  • Dual BS degrees from OSU / Biology & Philosophy
  • MA work at OSU / Applied Ethics
  • MSOM at National College of Natural Medicine, with Honors
  • Board certified in Acupuncture from NCCAOM
  • Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine from ICEAM
  • Herbal discipleship & clinical training from Heiner Fruehauf, PhD
  • Ongoing Canonical Chinese Herbal training from ICEAM including advanced seminars and SHL Lines Retreat

Professional Activities


Eric is currently in-network with most insurance companies, and also accepts MVAs, PIPs and worker's compensation claims.

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