Watershed Wellness Practitioner Spotlight – Rowan Everard, MS, LAc


Watershed Wellness brings you a new series! You’ve received health care from our wonderful practitioners. Perhaps you’ve chatted with them for a quick minute before and after your appointment. But what is your practitioner like in everyday life? To help you on the path to knowing your practitioners better, we'll start with a fun, informal interview. This quarter’s spotlight is on Rowan Everard, one of our brilliant Chinese Medicine practitioners. Rowan’s strong allegiance to queer/transgender care as well as a focus on chronic/acute pain management makes him a huge asset to both the Portland and Astoria clinics.

We sat down to chat about everything from music, to the kind of health care he admires, to what is so great about the Pacific Northwest!

  • Thank you for sitting down to chat! Your patients and colleagues alike LOVE having you in this space. You’ve been at Watershed for over a year now, how’s that year been?

Yes! I feel excited to continue to grow my practice and my connections to the community of SE Portland. It’s been wonderful working with so many talented practitioners.

  • What was the last awesome concert you went to?

Tori Amos.

  • If money was no object, where would your next dream vacation be?

Thailand, absolutely.

  • What’s your favorite neighborhood in Portland and why?

North Portland/St John’s; it’s got such a lovely view of the hills and such good food.

  • What’s in your Netflix queue right now?

The new Star Trek, of course.

  • If you weren’t a healthcare practitioner, what would your next career choice be?

Probably an aid worker for the UN or Oxfam

  • What do you love most about the Pacific Northwest?

That we have access to almost every kind of climate and topographic feature in this state; deserts, mountains, rivers and forests!

  • Favorite cuisine?

Lately I’ve been really into Chinese street food.

  • Out of the five basic natural elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether), which one do you identify with the most? As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, you’re required to answer this question! (Kidding, mostly).


  • It’s your day off and you have no responsibilities. How are you spending your leisure day?

Hiking somewhere in the forest, most likely.

  • Your top five favorite movies?

The Fountain, Shortbus, But I’m a Cheerleader, Fargo, and Bound.

  • What’s your favorite season of the year?

Late summer

  • Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? Any favorite tea makers or coffee roasters?

Coffee. I’m partial to Equal Exchange because their business model is fantastic and their coffee is high quality.

  • Would you rather read a book or listen to a podcast?

Listen to a podcast/book.

  • What was your “aha!” moment that made you realize you wanted to be a healthcare professional?

I was imagining being a professor or working in an office somewhere. Then I realized that I would rather be working with people one on one than pushing papers around somewhere!

  • Three words that describe your personality?

Empathetic, loyal, passionate.

  • Where are you from originally, or where did you first call “home”?

The Chicago suburbs.

  • What’s in your music queue right now?

Bjork- Utopia

  • Where do you hope your practice lands in the next five years? What’s your biggest goal and hope with what you do?

I just want to help people heal and become the best physician I can be. Wherever that takes me, will be somewhere I’m excited to be.

  • What is a health care modality that fascinates you, that you’d like to learn more about, or that you just greatly admire?

Functional neurology is super cool, and they seem to take a very Chinese Medicine approach to the body.

Stayed tuned for the next Practitioner Spotlight segment – coming in May!

Editor's note: This interview was done by none other than Amanda Koennecke, despite the fact that Rowan is listed as the author. 🙂


Written by Rowan Everard